segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009

Just another clusterfuck of thoughts

It past by me fast, twenty-eight years, like a blink of an eye: adulthood. Like I haven’t enjoyed life and all that melodramatic bullshit. That’s right, melodramatic bullshit, because you have to think of everything you did and or not did, sum everything up and recognize that final number is positive, it always is, don’t fight against the pure and undeniable number.

Now I fell like every time I was felling blue was for lack of perspective, was for misjudgment, but that’s melodramatic bullshit as well. It’s just life as it is, it’s just a negative number in your equation, but always remember to add those rational numbers up and accepted that your life is better than you think.

I’m giving up of felling sorry for myself, of misjudging periods of time, for now on I will accept that the equation’s result is always positive and live each day in a way to improve this result, accepting any punctual outcome life may throw at me as a deviation of the central point, as should you do as well.

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