domingo, 4 de maio de 2008


I’m a million things, none of which I like, maybe because I’m not happy with the present, maybe because I Just don’t try.

I’m one thing that I don’t like, I’m everything that I made myself, and nothing has made me, not even one time.

I’m something that I don’t like, I’m something that I don’t know why, it doesn’t please myself the hole time.

I’m nothing that I fell like, I’m nothing of what I dream of, Just because I never drove off.

I’m in the borderline of all things, hate and Love, all and nothing, I’m in the borderline and I don’t know where to go and try.

I’m at the end of the universe, hoping I was at the beginning Just for the sake of the mistakes of my life.

I’m in the borderline of life, heaven or hell awaits me, and I don’t know why I’m in the purgatory of my mind.

I’m lost on my own mind, trapped for my own sake, sleepwalking, waiting for the shake of the awake.

I’m a million things, I’m one thing, I’m something, I’m trapped on my mind, running in circles inside, searching for the exit sign that I don’t find.

I’m scared on the flip side, where you don’t mind when I cried that one time.

I’m here, and I don’t seam to find the way to go there, pull me up from the inside, rescue me from my own mind.

I’m not here and you don’t even try, I’m something that you don’t mind, but I’m a million things, none of which I like.

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--KJ disse...

Véeelho que texto massa meu camarada, muito bom, muito bom. Como vc comentou pode ser pq agente pensa bem parecido em relação a um monte de coisa, mas achei do caralho de massa na falta de uma expressão melhor em um português mais formal ;)